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Politics and News

Once or twice a month I visit my mom and step dad. My mom is 72 and my step dad is 84. Every time I visit, my 84 year old step dad, who is the kindest person I know, always has the television turned onto Fox News. I don’t watch Fox News very often. One thing that I find sort of strange is that in the upper right hand corner is a graphic titled: fair and [click to continue…]


The Career Politician.

Being a career politician can have some pretty good benefits. Lets talk about some of those benefits. And some of the controversies surrounding those benefits. Lets also take a look at some of the common misconceptions [click to continue…]


Politics and Religion

I am a democrat. I also attend a wealthy, and very conservative church named Horizon. The church is located in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe, Ca. Which is the wealthiest part of San Diego. I would not call the church a mega church, rather its [click to continue…]


My Obamacare Story

I am a 44 year old man, without health insurance. And this is a my personal experience with Obamacare. [click to continue…]


Men always say that women are complex creatures. On the other hand, women think that men are very simple. They are easy to understand and are easy to manipulate. This is true especially for men in power. They might seem tough from the outside, but they have lots of weaknesses inside. Thus, with the increase in the number of female legislators, it is high time to turn things around. Male legislators can now be easily lured to vote in accordance to what women want instead of what they personally believe is right.

Easy to Manipulate

The house of legislators is filled with people who are conniving and tricky. They will do whatever they possibly could in order to pass the bill that they have authored. They will also block whatever bill that could either harm their personal gains or that of their state. Over the years, this house has been ruled by men. They are the ones who dominate and they have more or less mastered the art of fooling each other. However, these days, the game has started to change. This is due to the inclusion of more women in the congress.
Men can easily trick their fellow men, but women have certain charms that they just cannot resist. Thus, female legislators might not be able to easily fight on many aspects, but they can also get what they want in their own way. Of course, beauty and charm are among their biggest weapons.

Using Curling Irons to Look Outstanding

Legislators who look old and rugged are not really given attention to in the congress. However, for strong, empowered women who look hot, they can easily manipulate men. They just need a curling iron and they are good to go. With those added volumes of curls, they can easily be head turners. If they can’t fight with men in many levels, all they have to do is to show off their curls and easily capture their attention. Eventually, they can even lure male legislators to vote based on the way that they wanted to.

Not to Degrade Women

Looking good in those curls does not necessarily mean that women can only achieve what they want using their beauty and charms. They can also do so using their wit, intelligence and honesty. However, sometimes, the house of congress can be very complicated. Therefore, everyone has to make a strategy in order to stand out and push through with what they want. If women have to pull out all their stocks, and make use of their beauty to lure men to vote in their favor, then great.

For those who are already interested in the idea of curling irons, you can check out the best curling iron for thick hair here. On the other hand, for those who wanted to know which one is better, curling wand vs. curling iron, go to http://www.woocurls.com/curling-irons-versus-curling-wands/. Once the order has arrived, you can now look your best and intimidate men.


The Analyst, The Lobbyist and the Commentator

One of the most popular people in radio is Rush Limbaugh. This guy is seriously funny. He has created a persona which is the ultimate stereotype of a radio commentator. He has had a long career, he has shown everyone that he is above reproach, and his opinions are as strong as ever. He has no flaws, except for being a radio announcer and commentator.

There are differences between a political analyst, a political lobbyist, and a commentator. The analyst usually tries to present either a popular point of view, and then extends it to its historical roots, and explains it further. He understands the roots of the problem and where it might lead. He also understands the limits of his data. He is like a house with doors wide open, anyone can come in with their and these are entertained accordingly.

A lobbyist does not have an opinion, other than the interest group he is serving on a professional basis. Since he does not have an opinion about his work or his client’s point of view, he can only be asked to push an agenda. The impact of the agenda also does not matter as long as his clients get what they want. The door on this house only allow a one way flow going outside. There is no exchange of ideas.

The commentator however does not need to get anything done. His job is to latch on to an idea and get this to the top of the top of people’s consciousness. A radio commentator has a personal relationship with his listeners. This relationship is stronger than what columnists have with their readers. His job is to remind people in power that they are not doing their jobs. Something goes wrong, the commentator points it out and says that somebody is not doing his job. Whoever it is that should be responsible, will be told in strong terms that he has not been doing anything. He influences people with his rhetoric without knowing anything about the underlying causes of a problem, and without giving any advice or solution. Whatever exchange of ideas there is, is only lip service. This is like a house which allows ideas in, and then throws them out the window.


How the Government Can Save Money

With recession hitting the country a few years back, it has been difficult for a lot of people to meet their needs. The once comfortable life that they used to live suddenly changed. Since then, it’s been a challenge to earn for a living, forcing many families to cut on their expenses. The economy is still not as good as it was before the said recession.

This is why the government should also cut spending on all areas possible so their funds can be used on more important projects that would help the citizens. Aside from the programs and plans they have in reducing expenses, there are also simple ways that officials and government employees could do that would also help in cutting down expenditures. Here are some of them.

Save Energy

Government staffs should do their part in conserving energy. This includes changing the computer setting so it automatically goes to sleep after a few minutes of not being used.  Turning off the computer and other equipment before going home is also another way. Aside from saving on the energy cost, this is also one way of helping the environment.

Go Paperless

With the advancement of technology, people have easy access to the Internet. Since states and various government agencies have their own websites, forms and report can all be made available online so there’s no need to use as many papers are being used now. If it’s not possible to go completely paperless, at least use them only if it’s really needed.

Use Left Medications

Many patients leave their medicines upon their discharge from the hospital. Medications that are still safe to be used can be collected and used for medical projects or on public hospitals. This could save a huge amount of money since these medications are free.

Do Video Conferencing

Another advantage of the use of technology is the ability to communicate with each other in a timely manner without having to travel in a specific location. Video conferencing can be done for meetings and conferences. Aside from eliminating the need for participants to travel, they can also save on the hotel accommodation and venue cost.

Cut Unnecessary EAS Service

EAS or Essential Air Service is a program that aims to provide air transportation to reach places that are far from major airports. However, according to some report, not all of the locations where EAS is provided are really that far from main airports.

Eliminate Printing Out of Every Report and Record

Several copies of reports and records are often printed to be distributed to subscribed individuals. As mentioned, these reports can be posted online and records can be saved on a database. If printed copies are needed for filing purposes to serve as future references, then printing may only be limited to what’s really needed.

Go for Rental on Equipment Not Often Used

There are equipments that may only be used for a particular event or project that may not always be utilized on a day to day basis. For instance, a boom lift may be used when there’s a special occasion as it can help reach higher places for the decors. Instead of buying, boom lift rental may be considered.  Boom lift rental rates vary depending on the size of the equipment. Boom Lift Base is a company that offers convenient search and comparison of the best and most affordable boom lifts.

The money saved from these simple methods would accumulate in the long run.


Is There a Shortage of Skilled Workers?

When the economic recession hit in 2008, millions of Americans lost their jobs. Now that the economy is slowly getting back on its feet, job prospects are, surprisingly, not getting any better. The news often headlines hundreds of thousands job openings every month, but why does a large portion of the population remain unemployed? If you pose this question to employers, they would most certainly say it is due to the skills gap.

More and more companies lament the fact that there aren’t enough qualified applicants to recruit. The manufacturing sector is one of the industries affected by this problem. Statistics indicate that in spite of the record number of people looking for jobs these days, there is an estimated half a million jobs in manufacturing that are still unfilled. The main reason for this is that today’s graduates simply lack the knowledge and skills that are required to be hired. Modern manufacturing facilities today utilize hi-tech technology, relying on precision machinery and computers to produce and build various products, which is very far removed from the manual assembly lines of yesteryears. Unfortunately, very few job applicants are prepared to handle these types of jobs.

Some companies are quick to put the blame on the country’s educational system. In skills tests conducted globally, American high school students had a relatively low ranking of 23 in science and 31 in mathematics. Poland and Slovakia, both Eastern European countries that are less developed than the US, fared better.  These figures highlight the need to improve education, if the US is to maintain its economic status in the global arena.

Education is not the only contributing factor to the skills gap. Companies are to blame as well, for believing in the illusion of hiring the perfect candidate instead of looking for people who have the capability of doing a good job after being trained. It is regrettable that employers these days are not very keen on providing training for new hires; because there are thousands of fresh graduates who would be able to perform efficiently if given the chance to train on the job. This is especially true for those who have highly specialized degrees or who have taken up vocational coursework as part of their college education.

Some companies have made concrete steps in resolving the issue on skills shortage. They have formed partnerships with educational institutions, for the provision of proper skills training to students. This can be very beneficial to employers who require skilled workers such as welders and machinists. A partnership worth mentioning is that of a clothing manufacturer and a vocational education center. Specific sewing skills required by the company were taught to students enrolled at the educational facility for future hiring. The manufacturer even had the generosity of providing some sewing machines that the students could use. Luckily, finding the most suitable sewing equipments was not very difficult, as there are sites providing useful information such as http://www.threadworkartisan.com/what-is-the-best-sewing-machine-for-beginners/, for the best sewing machine for beginners; and http://www.threadworkartisan.com/, for the best embroidery machine.

In this age of globalization, a skills shortage in the workforce can be a threat to an economy’s competitiveness. However, a solution is not easy to come by. It will require close collaboration between the government and the business sector to provide not only the appropriate education and training, but also to have the legal and institutional framework that properly support the initiatives aiming to resolve the skills gap.


The Decline of the Shipping Business

As the world slowly crawls out of the financial black hole it has been in for years, one of the victims of the crisis is still evident – the international shipping business, especially containers.  Thousands upon thousands of jobs have been left in jeopardy and now one question needs to be answered – when the world finally recovers, will the ports be left in the dark ages?

Dead Ships

There are literally hundreds of container ships bobbing about the ocean waves doing nothing.  International carriers are down billions of dollars and many look set to fall over the precipice into bankruptcy.  Container traffic is dropping across the major points at a rate of knots and thousands of people are left without work.

Because of this, companies are now trying to make an extra buck or two by selling off empty containers. Want one? You may as well otherwise they will just be another thing that’s left rotting, another unfortunate victim of all that is wrong in this world. You can check out cargo container prices here.

Industry Experts Predict Change

The experts reckon that, as soon as the crisis is over, things will start to move again for the shipping companies but it may not be what they expect.  Recovery will almost certainly be slow and every company will be looking to keep their costs as low as possible.

The result? Less shipping companies, fewer ships – but they will be bigger – and not so many ports to call at.  New routes are doing away with some of the ports – when the Panama Canal is finally expanded and open, arts of the US coast will be bypassed altogether, leaving them at risk of reduced work, reduced jobs and a huge chance of closing down.

Yet another issue facing these ports is the change in manufacturing centers from China over to India and South East Asia – Carriers will be able to use the Suez Canal and go directly to the East Coast of the USA, leaving the West Coast out in the cold.

Out of Work

The West Coast of the US isn’t the only thing that is out in the cold. Thousands of workers are now without jobs. They cannot keep their homes because of it but there is nothing being done to help them.

The rich stay rich and the poor just keep on getting poorer, living in a society, which is fast failing them.  Some people have come up with a good idea though, a way of surviving without it costing them a fortune.

Those that have been lucky enough to sell their houses have ploughed money into buying shipping containers and turning them into houses. Small, yes, but they own them outright, and their living expenses are minimal.  The USA is seeing quite a surge in container estates, even down to two or three containers stacked on top of each other to create larger living accommodations.

The website of Cargo Container Sales USA is a great place to start if you are interested in purchasing or renting storage containers. And I for one applaud these people for their initiative, for doing something to save themselves when no one else will.


In what can be considered an unexpected–even shocking–admission, the president of the United States of America, on Thursday, said that no strategy has been laid out yet in addressing the ISIS problem. Obama said that plans, for now, are limited to Iraq. This was after ISIS militants down the border between Syria and Iraq and after an American citizen was beheaded.

The statement is viewed as America’s hesitation to expand military operations into Syria, contrary to the persistent speculation of the supposed plans of American military action within the Syrian territory. Obama’s statement quickly topped US news and trending topics, and even prominently figured in international headlines. Obama said, however, that he already instructed Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and General Martin Dempsey to prepare “a range of options” in dealing with ISIS. “Our core priority right now is just to make sure our folks are safe,” Obama added.

Expectedly, political foes and even administration allies are not enthused by Obama’s statements. A number of current and past administration officials have expressed frustration over Obama’s approach to the problem, particularly in the failure to win the territory in eastern Syria away from the jihadists. There are also those with extreme views who assert that Obama should consider “Americanizing” another Middle Eastern war to extend options, to avoid limiting the US military in doing the response needed for the situation.

Nevertheless, the national security team of the United States had already convened at the White House for discussions on what should be done. Also, while there isn’t a clear plan yet, the United States has already started enlisting regional allies, especially Sunni Arab nations, for help. These allies are expected to boost attempts of isolating and attacking ISIS. Further coalition building will be pursued as Secretary of State John Kerry leaves for the Middle East.

Obama is dropping hints that he is remotely convinced of the need to attack Syria although he also appears to still be weighing his options. The US President said: “The idea that the United States or any outside power would perpetually defeat ISIS, I think, is unrealistic.” He added that “…as soon as we leave, the same problems come back again.” Obama emphasized the need for Iraqis to understand that they are responsible for their own security.


Does Physical Attractiveness Matter in Politics?

Everyone would agree that what the politician could do for the state or country is what’s most important when selecting a leader. However, not everyone is knowledgeable in the field of politics and they may not know the background and service record of the politicians running for specific positions. According to the result of the years of observation made by political and social scientists, looks have an impact on the decisions made by voters.

Do Politicians Need to Be Attractive to Win?

Attractiveness is not the only factor that would determine if a politician would be successful or not. However, since there are many people who are not politically inclined and who base their judgment on their first impression on the candidate, it could help get those votes.  According to psychologists, those who are physically attractive tend to be favored by more people. This is not just in politics, but people in general. Good looks is associated with positive traits, such as trustworthiness and intelligence. They are also more likeable, which is why they can easily persuade people.

Moreover, there were studies made to determine if good looking politicians get more media coverage and the result showed that they actually do. This could also help them as more people recognize them. Many individuals tend to vote people that they are familiar with, even though they don’t know a lot of things about them.

What Can Politicians Do to Enhance Their Image?

Other people are blessed with good looks, while some are not as attractive. The good news is that there are several treatments available to enhance the appearance. Improving the way you look is not a bad thing. Even if you’re not a politician, you may still consider this, especially if you’re not happy or confident about your physical appearance, as this can affect the quality of your life. Some of the cosmetic procedures available are facelift, nose job and eyelid surgery.

Politicians go from one place to another and may stand or sit for an extended period on various engagements. This may cause varicose veins to develop. This too can be treated and an online venous resource provides all information you need to know about vein problems. You can also use this site to find a reliable doctor to do the job.

Physical attractiveness matters as it helps get people’s interest and attention. However, the most important thing is the commitment to do what’s best for the people and really making things happen.


On top of the list is Michelle Obama. Yes, President Barack Obama’s wife, who has been insisting she and her husband know and understand exactly how to make ends meet, has been accused, time and again, of spending no less than $10 million of public money on her getaways. A National Enquirer source has divulged the Obama wife has been taking advantage of her privileges, considering even the most hardworking Americans could not manage to take time off from work due to financial hardships.

Michelle’s Been Telling a Lie

Michelle has been telling the voting public she and Barack had a fairy-tale struggle as a couple. She told the voters then that they were both from families who hardly make it through the day. She also said they started out struggling as a couple with President Barack supposedly driving a “rusted out” car. It turns out, none of those claims were true.

Both Barack and Michelle were used to flashy lifestyles. They attended elite schools, bought a $277,500 condo in 1993 as a young couple, and shared a $1.65 million house in Hyde Park several years after. That’s clearly far from struggling to make ends meet.

When Barack gained public office on a national degree, the lavish lifestyle and out-of-control spending of Michelle continued. Only this time, she was clearly spending on taxpayers’ expense. She savors expensive massages, wild shopping sprees, and branded alcohols, and even favors expensive getaways. The saddest thing is, it’s all on public money. Yes, she and her husband spend some from their own pockets but most of the expensive vacations they devoured for the last two terms that the president has been in office were dwarfed by their stature.

While everyone is tightening their belts because of recession, Michelle, along with her entourage, troop to a luxurious vacation in Spain in 2010, which allegedly cost $375,000. There were also accounts of several lavish getaways in Maine, Aspen, Hawaii and Colorado. The Obama family’s favorite spot, where they spent Summer holidays, is Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

It is Martha’s Vineyard that stirred up controversies in 2011. First, the couple arrived on government planes separately, just four hours apart. Second, the First Family stayed on a Blue Heron Farm property that costs about $50,000 to rent. Third, for the nine-day stay, security agents are on 24-hour duty, the Coast Guard had to keep several ships afloat nearby the property, and the presidential helicopter and jet are both on the ready. All the while, dear Michelle was indulging on top-shelf booze.

The First Ladies Syndrome

But it is not only Michelle Obama who has such an expensive taste. Most first ladies seemed to have developed it, if they were not used to it already. They were seen indulging as soon as their better-halves gain a seat in public office. They will easily spend thousands of dollars for vanity treatments like sclerotherapy in Idaho. They will never let varicose veins taint their legs so a varicose vein treatment in Manhattan would be in order.

First ladies were plagued by accusations of living a high lifestyle. Why is it a concern? Because they are spending on taxpayers’ money. That’s all.


Healthcare in the United States is one of the costliest in the world. Compared to citizens of other industrialized countries, Americans spend more than one hundred percent more for medical care. Unfortunately, spending more does not translate to better health services since the US has one of the worst records in the prevention of avoidable deaths among the more developed nations.

The situation does not appear to be getting better with the current administration’s implementation of Obamacare. Politicians say that it designed to reform healthcare and make it better; however, what kind of reform would it be if what the government is putting into action is different from what the constituency wants? The new healthcare system is definitely not less expensive as far as expenditure is concerned since it will cost more than one trillion dollars over ten years. With such a huge amount, there is still some doubt that it will deliver what the public desires: quality health services, options for healthier and less costly treatments, and alternatives to prescription drugs that have detrimental side effects.

Those who have voiced their objections to the healthcare reform are justified. If you are like most Americans, you would like to get your money’s worth in whatever you are spending on. For instance, if you purchase a brand new car, you would expect it to run smoothly and not give you technical problems that may cause car accidents. In this case, you would have the right to sue a car manufacturer for personal injury because the car they made was not safe and road-worthy. Involvement in such a legal procedure would obviously require the services of law firms like Watson Goepel LLP, a Vancouver car accident lawyer. In effect, any product you pay for should be worth every penny. Sadly, this cannot be said about the healthcare system.

The concerns of the citizenry regarding healthcare is unlikely to be addressed. This is because of the lobbying done by the pharmaceutical corporations in Congress. In the past, these drug companies have successfully manipulated lawmakers to enact laws that enable them to rake in big profits; and high drug prices is one of the main reasons that make healthcare very expensive. Despite what these companies’ slogans or mission statements may say, they are just like any other corporation. Their main objective is making money and making people healthy is, sadly, not a priority.

Finding a solution to this healthcare dilemma is difficult. Some suggest an overhaul of the insurance market or providing subsidies that are based on income; while others say that a universal healthcare would be generally beneficial. However, giving all people access to expensive drugs and treatments will not lower cost or make them healthier.

Probably it is high time for people to get more personally involved in healthcare, instead of depending too much on the government. Getting involved means that you make a personal commitment to take care of your body by making good lifestyle choices of eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep. This way, you will minimize your need for medical services and consequently, your reliance on healthcare. Most importantly, you will be healthy.


Toronto – Split Down the Middle

It really doesn’t matter whether you leant to the left or right in Toronto at the moment, nobody can be impressed with what is happening at City Hall at the moment.  Some of the ideas coming out of there are just sheer lunacy.  I mean, where did the idea of reducing the speed limits on some roads to 20 km/h come from?   

I’ve been following politics in Toronto for some time now and I have to say I’ve heard some crackpot ideas. This has to be the first time in the history of this city that the left and right have been warring against each other so hard.

The thing is, it’s getting a little out of hand now and there is a lot of spite, rather than sensible suggestions and, to be honest, it really is getting in the way now.  Everything in this city has now been split into two sides – political right against political left.  There doesn’t appear to be any middle ground anymore.

Let’s go back to this business of 20 km/h limits – it won’t be the same everywhere, it’s just that they want to reduce all speed limits by 20 km/h. It’s a ridiculous suggestion and a perfect example of the stupidity that comes from the left/right fight.

It’s a suggestion that is radical and that doesn’t have a part to play when we have a healthy government in place.

Part of the suggestion as come from a traffic study, a study that suggested, of all things, a cycle lane that lets cyclists turn in front of the traffic. That is ludicrous. I means, how is that going to prevent accidents? If you are involved in an accident because of this, don’t hesitate to call Toronto car accident lawyers for help.

To be honest, as left leaning as I am, even I am getting cheesed off with the stupidity of the talk coming out of City Hall. Traffic calming measures, I agree with those, but things can be taken too far Even now, we have talk of a backlash, a protest planned – slowing all the traffic down for a period of time. How’s that going to help?

With all these wonderful measures in place, I foresee a future of chaos, of accidents every hour of every day and unless something is done to stop this lunacy in its tracks, we are all in serious trouble, no matter what side of the fence you are on.


Real Estate and Politics Do Mix

We stumbled upon an interesting article online about the top aides of a former New York City mayor picking up a career in real estate. Where does real estate and politics meet? Are politics and real estate closely intertwined?

Well, yes. Former government workers find their niche in real estate, mostly because their previous career could help navigate the industry into coming around the laws. But that’s not the only connection. Read on.

• Politics is local and so is real estate. The status of one has some effects on the other. If you are not selling office spaces or commercial real estate in NYC well enough, blame it on local policy makers. Bad government policies shoo away potential business owners and investors.

• What’s happening around has got a lot of impact on how well you are going to sell. If crime rates are high, do you expect people to be excited about being a homeowner or business owner in the area.

• There are so many real estate aspects that politics has a hand on – environmental issues, water rights, taxation, etc.

• Realtors has such a strong influence to the voting public. They are go-getters who can well have an impact to communities. That’s probably why politicians choose to treat them well.

• The real estate market has an impact to the economy from the local to the federal level. Strengthening the real estate market is always on the plate of a politician.

Keeping Up Politically

Having said those things, it is important for a real estate agent to keep watch on what’s happening politically. The politician’s part is a given since they have to address housing issues, environmental issues, and other topics relevant to the real estate market – and they have the channels to watch the industry closely. But what about real estate agents. Does this mean they have to tune in to Fox or CNN 24/7? No, not necessarily.

All that you need to do, at the very least, is to follow the congressmen or senators in your market areas. Doing so will help you stay abreast of what is happening around and what of those happening around actually has some effect in your market. Scanning the headlines of your local paper is also helpful so you know what the government is up to.


It is actually quite amazing the amount of people who are happy to spout their views on politics but haven’t clue what they are talking about. Some of them will openly admit they haven’t and, that when people talk about right wing and left wing, all they think of is an airplane!

In a nutshell, left-wingers like us, are those who want social equality, whereas those right-wingers seem to think that what’s going on is natural. Let me give those of you who haven’t a clue a bit of an idea of which group you might fall into:

Left Wing

Left-wingers support:

  • Programs that focus on social welfare
  • Religious freedom and separating the State and the Church
  • Higher taxes
  • Looking out for the environment
  • Protection of trade
  • Government expansion into newer areas
  • Trade unions

Left wing supporters describe themselves as communists, liberals, progressives or socialists.

Right Wing

Right-wingers support:

  • Government-funded welfare program reform
  • Traditional values
  • Lower taxes
  • Trade agreements that are international-free
  • Having the governments scope limited
  • Lower industry regulations

Right wing supporters call themselves libertarians, classic liberals or conservatives.

Still don’t know what you are?

Left wingers see governments as leading the way in social justice and think that the government should be allowed to intervene in some-one’s life to ensure that social justice is done.

Right wingers think that governments should have their involvement in anything limited and that government interference is a contravention of human rights.

You can be one or the other – right wing or left wing – although there are those who believe in values form each side and all themselves centrists. That doesn’t work for me – either you support social change and the intervention of the government to ensure it’s done, or you don’t. You can’t pick and choose what you want to support on one days and then change it the next when it suits you.

To be quite frank, if you can’t decide what side you are on may we respectfully suggest that you pack up your house and place it in one of these storage containers this USA company offers and taking yourself on a trip – until you can decide which side you are on.


Technology is very helpful in maximizing people’s efficiency these days. With advanced equipment that we can use, we can work conveniently without exerting so much effort. It also doubles our productivity, which is very helpful in meeting the needs of people who multi-task or are always on the go. There are a lot of businesses today which use advanced equipment like business phone systems direct  similar to the one featured on this website.

What if government institutions consider using the same equipment being used in big companies?

The Present Dilemma

There are some countries where miscommunication is a big problem. Every day, there are thousands of people who are hungry for information and are relying on the government to provide them what they need. One of the perfect examples is the suspension of classes during a typhoon. We all know that the weather is unpredictable most of the time and the forecasters cannot easily jump to conclusions. The allotted time for announcing suspension of classes is within a short window, which gives students a hard time thinking that they need to follow their respected schedules.

How Business Phones Can Help the Government

In the same situation mentioned above, business phones can help in improving communication. Since it can hold up to 3-4 lines depending on the brand, waiting for people who are doing their tasks while on the line is much easier. Also, it can connect parties in just a few clicks, which minimizes the instances of dropping off the line.

A Story of Success

Some people may be wondering how BPO companies can handle a high volume of calls in a day. With a lot of people calling for inquiries, complaints, and other concerns, business phones that are usually connected to the internet are of great help in managing phone calls. Some uses IVR or interactive voice response to provide information where a direct phone call is not required. By following the IVR’s instructions, anyone can get the information they need without waiting for the long queue.

Advanced technological equipment is a great investment because it has a lot of benefits. They are indeed expensive, but with the help it can provide in terms of productivity, it will be all worth it in the end.


Money for Nothing

I’ve been looking into politicians and how they spend taxpayers’ money – mainly on themselves, it would seem.  I focused on the UK for this and found that since the new coalition government came into power, some of their members have managed to spend almost £1,000,000 on exotic travel.

Their argument is they are looking into global issues. The only global issues I can see them looking into is how quickly the sun can give them a tan to be proud of!  One of the most expensive trips was for nine English MP’s to visit China and Singapore – it cost £72,000 – to investigate what they said were “global imbalances”.

Energy and Climate Change Junkets

Members of the Energy and Climate Change committee benefited from exotic junkets tremendously – six went to China for £48,000 and four flew off to Washington DC and Dallas for £40,000. And the Culture committee decided to investigate gambling in Australia – in a trip that cost £48,000. I wonder how many bets they got for that…

In today’s world of technology, video conferences should mean that there is absolutely no need for these trips to take place. But then, I guess we have to take into account that politicians probably don’t know how to work a computer, let alone figure out video conferencing.

The Cost of Governments

Each trip is working out to be approximately £8-10,000 per person. When was the last time you went on holiday and spent that much on one person?  If I added up the cost of taking my family on one of these trips, why, I could probably fly us all round the world and still have money left over!

It’s time for governments to be accountable for every penny they spend and justify the cost – before they spend it.  Ask the taxpayer if they think £10,000 for a trip abroad is a reasonable use of their money?

Then answer them when they ask why the roads are in disrepair, why council services are being cut, why wages are being dropped and people are being made redundant.  The list goes on for what isn’t done.

Have you got £10,000 to spend on a holiday? Then I suggest you and your family book a top trip (look at these deals for Fiji holidays) you can go on. Think, all that money you spend on a holiday is less money in their pockets!