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Politics and News

Once or twice a month I visit my mom and step dad. My mom is 72 and my step dad is 84. Every time I visit, my 84 year old step dad, who is the kindest person I know, always has the television turned onto Fox News. I don’t watch Fox News very often. One thing that I find sort of strange is that in the upper right hand corner is a graphic titled: fair and [click to continue…]


The Career Politician.

Being a career politician can have some pretty good benefits. Lets talk about some of those benefits. And some of the controversies surrounding those benefits. Lets also take a look at some of the common misconceptions [click to continue…]


Politics and Religion

I am a democrat. I also attend a wealthy, and very conservative church named Horizon. The church is located in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe, Ca. Which is the wealthiest part of San Diego. I would not call the church a mega church, rather its [click to continue…]


My Obamacare Story

I am a 44 year old man, without health insurance. And this is a my personal experience with Obamacare. [click to continue…]


A Perspective on Socialism

Capitalism and socialism are two ideologies which can describe the economic, political and social systems that are used in many governments today. The United States is considered as the epitome of a capitalist country, where profit is the driving force behind corporations. These corporations are owned by private individuals and they are the ones producing the goods and services that form the lifeblood of the economy. In capitalism, the government’s role is to implement laws that create an environment that gives equal opportunities for all. For this reason, capitalism is also referred to as free enterprise or free market economy.

Socialism, on the other hand, is a system where goods and services are produced by the state. In contrast to the individuals’ profit motive in a capitalist state, each citizen in a socialist country works for the good of everyone and the state determines how wealth will be distributed. For this system of government, what is good for one is considered as good for all.

Depending on what side of the fence you are in, the other ideology might seem extreme. Capitalists, for one, have several misconceptions on socialism because they often confuse it with communism. They might find it difficult to admit, but socialism also has its good points.

The aim of socialism is to eradicate the rampant exploitation of that is common in capitalist states. Whether it is the exploitation of resources or the people, capitalism puts so much economic power in the hands of a select few and this has been the root of many problems in society. In a socialist state, this power belongs collectively to the people; and since they have the responsibility and ownership of resources, the benefits go to them as well.

Under a socialist state, public need drives production instead of profit. This means that any product or service that benefits the most people will be given priority, not the product that generates the largest revenue. Hence, the citizens will be provided with better food, medicines and medical care, education and housing. The equality created by socialism results in a better quality of life for everyone.

Unknown to most, the most progressive countries in Europe implement a semi-socialist form of government. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands have educational or healthcare systems that are owned by the government and which are the best in the world. Healthier and better-educated citizens lead more productive lives. They work hard but spend time on recreation as well: traveling to other countries, engaging in outdoor activities, and going on popular luxurious European river cruises or ocean cruises in the Mediterranean. No wonder the citizens of these countries are reputed to be among the happiest on Earth.

Socialism may have received a lot of bad publicity because it is misunderstood. However, like many systems of governance, it aims to provide the greatest good for the most number of people.


Compared to conservatives, liberals have done so many more things for the betterment of society.  This is because liberals know what is actually good for everyone. Conservatives, although you could say that they really believe in what they do, unfortunately don’t know where the put the government’s money in. Conservatives have tended to put the government’s money in programs which resulted in more harm than good. In the coming elections, people should definitely vote liberal. By doing so, they will ensure that future generations are actually able to enjoy living in a society that is able to provide for all their needs.

One of the ways liberals have benefited society is that they have always supported technology companies. Liberals have always firmly believed that technology is society’s key to progress, and because of this, they have consistently fought for the betterment of the country’s technology sector. Through their pro-technology legislation, so many technology companies in the country have improved on existing technologies and have even created new ones. These innovations have certainly lead to the improvement of the lives of so many people from both here in the country and in other territories. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of liberals, and so we really should make it a point to keep them in office.

One of the specific contributions of liberals to society through their pro-technology legislation happens to be the fact that many people now have jobs because of it. Through the liberals’ support, many financial trading institutions have used new technologies to be able to provide amazing opportunities for financial growth to more people. One of the ways trading institutions have done this is through making trading available to everyone who has an internet connection at home. So long as one can connect to the internet, one can now make amazing trades at any time of the day.

A specific form of trading that was made possible through advances in internet technology happens to be binary options trading. Binary options trading wouldn’t have been possible had liberals not supported it. Through binary options options trading, people who lost jobs during the height of the recession have now found amazing careers. Just by picking the right binary options trading platform, people can make amazing trades regularly right from the very start.

Both here in the country and other parts of the world, thousands of people sign up for a binary options trading account on a daily basis. This is because they know that they can have high-paying careers through it. Of course, it goes without saying that binary options trading needs stricter regulation. Although there are many organizations out there whose primary purpose is to regulate binary options brokerages, their efforts at curbing the rise of fraudulent brokerages are still lacking. We need liberals to legislate laws which will make it impossible for fraudulent binary options brokerages to scam newbie traders. Liberals know how best to balance the growth of technology with the need to protect the interests of all the citizens of this country. For this reason, I am definitely going to vote liberal in the next elections.


healthcareIf I told you that the healthcare sector in the United States was at a crossroad or that the sector has hit a crisis point in recent days, you would be justified to retort back that mine was the understatement of the year. With the political right clashing with the incumbent left on the wisdom and economics of a public funded universal healthcare insurance, it can be hard to separate the myths from reality and facts of the matter at hand.

Reality of Healthcare Quality and Access for Ordinary US Citizens

As the democrats and republicans have been sparring on every platform about the implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act, some urgent issues have not been given the attention they deserve. One of these is the proportion of the United States population who have access to affordable and quality care with or without the new law. No one has also come out to explicitly show who shoulders the greatest burden for healthcare between the national government and insurance companies.

A study carried out in the fall of 2013 throws up some illuminating insights to these issues. It showed that access to healthcare services varies greatly between states and income groups. In states where access is highest, even the low income and less educated sections of the populace were found to have health insurance coverage. The best performing states were also adjudged to offer almost all their residents access to recommended preventive care options such as screening for cancer.

Massachusetts is easily the best state in terms of providing healthcare insurance with only 12% of low-income residents lacking coverage. Other states deemed to be doing well in this regard were Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Minnesota and Vermont. On the other hand, states like Idaho, Oklahoma, and California were found to be lagging behind in terms of both access to healthcare insurance and preventive services.

Health Conditions Covered by General Health Insurance

Under the new Affordable Care every American citizen is guaranteed health insurance cover for primary care. Crucially, the law outlaws the practice of excluding children under the age of 19 from being covered merely because of a pre-existing condition. Moreover, young adults under 26 years of age are eligible to benefit from their parents’ health insurance plan.

Other notable elements of the new healthcare law are the preservation of the patient’s right to choose their own doctor. The law has also made comprehensive provisions to remove barriers which insurance companies use to deny patients coverage for emergency health care services.

Healthcare Subsidies for Cosmetic Procedures

By default, health insurance policies do not provide for coverage of cosmetic procedures. However, this should not be taken as a rule cast in stone or which applies across the board. Some procedures such as varicose veins treatment Annapolis performed at a respectable Vein and Medical Spa are often performed to correct an underlying medical condition. In such a case, it may be possible to get at least part of the clinical fees paid for by your health insurer.

An acute case of varicose veins can also lead to a health complication known as superficial venous reflux where accumulation of blood in the lower extremities leads to the disgorgement of veins and often much pain. Treatment for such a condition is available at the most professional varicose vein treatment charlotte clinics such as this Veins Carolina facility. In such instances, the medical fees can also be paid either in full or in part from your health insurance plan.


Let’s Simplify the Things We Hate Most

Walking down the street a few weeks ago, I was just about to dive into my breakfast granola bar when all of the sudden I tripped over a giant crack in the sidewalk! Falling to the floor and letting out a shriek of immense pain, I looked around to complain to someone… anyone! Unfortunately, everyone continued to pass me by and dive into their own breakfast bars.

How did this misfortune befall me? Upon further investigation, it appeared that the run-down establishment responsible for the sidewalk in front of their business, was in fact, not so responsible. Now I had to miss two weeks of work, 3 yoga classes, 4 business meetings, and an array of other obligations all for a severely sprained ankle! Not to mention my medical expenses! What is a poor average Joe supposed to do when a crisis such as this arises?

After a week of too much ice cream, hobbling around on crutches, and reading too many episodes of a daytime television mag, I stumbled upon “settlement loans”. My first inclination was to pass over the information on lawsuit funding because it probably didn’t apply to me anyway. But low and behold, after some brief reading, it came to my attention that not only was I eligible for a lawsuit settlement outside of court, but there was little to no risk for me!

I dug a little deeper into structured settlement loans, mainly by checking out this site, and found that I could borrow against my future suit winnings to get the money I needed now. So that’s what I did and it worked out great. I was able to spend more time resting my injured ankle without worrying about missing work and now I’m good as new.

Except for the busted ankle part the whole experience of receiving a settlement before the lawsuit was a great experience. It got me thinking about other things we all begrudgingly put up with that we wish we didn’t have to. Here are some areas of everyday life we could definitely improve:

1) Lines at the grocery store. It takes way too long to check out of most grocery stores. I’m a big fan of self checkout because I get to control the pace and there are rarely any lines meaning you get through faster. Let halve the number of checkers and increase the self check-out stations so we can get in and out as fast as possible.

2) The DMV. The DMV has been the nation’s punching bag for decades. In fact, it’s reputation is so bad it makes the post office look good. Why not move most of the services on-line so we don’t have to show up in person? People will still need to be there for driving tests but other than that we should be able to make all payments on their website.

3) Doctor’s Visits. My doctor knows I’m coming because I always have an appointment. It would be great if I could fill out all my paperwork ahead of time so I didn’t have to do it when I arrived. It would make m y life easier and the staff’s because they wouldn’t have to try and read my terrible handwriting.

I think we only put up with these things because it’s all we’ve ever known. I never thought I’d say this, but screw tradition, let’s start streamlining!


Worse Things about Being an Attorney

Woman AttorneyAccording to career analysts, being a lawyer is one of the most sought-out professions around the globe. Not only does this mean many individuals can afford a lawyer but it also symbolizes the high importance of attorneys in our society. However, while most people think that being a lawyer is the best career one could have in terms of salary and dignity for that matter, it also comes with a long list of drawbacks. This makes some law students think twice whether or not they would still continue their course. Wondering what these drawbacks are? Here’s a shortlist.

Long working hours

During the kick start of a lawyer’s career, he would find himself following the regular 8-9 hours of work each day. However, once you’re starting to build a name and cater more clients, your workload also increases and the next thing you know, you’re already working day and night. In fact, in the field of law, working for more than 50 hours a week is very common. Although some people see this as an advantage for it reflects higher salary, lawyers don’t consider this anything more than dilemma. They claim ending up having work and life imbalance.

Competitive market

As mentioned, the demand for lawyers continue to grow, which means students have this sole strong reason to consider the field. However, finishing law school doesn’t secure your job. You will have to make a name and enter the competitive market most attorneys consider very stressful. Schools only teach you how to think like a lawyer but there’s more to this career that thinking. Every good Oklahoma City attorney welcomes freshmen Oklahoma City Attorney and lawyers but such welcoming only lasts a short while for the next thing you know, you have to compete with everyone.

Demanding clients

Not all clients who seek lawyers are those who are at the lowest point of their lives. If you’re a public defender for example, you will technically defend those who are accused for committing a crime. These clients tend to be very demanding. Aside from insisting their innocence, lawyers are often bombarded with demands like “you have to get me out of here right now!” or “you must do something!” being showered by such demands every single day can be very nerve-racking indeed.

Job dissatisfaction

Believe it or not, many attorneys reach a day in their career where they don’t feel happy with what they’re doing. Sure, they are saving people from being imprisoned, giving them another chance. These people have helped hundreds and thousands of individuals. But at the end of the day, they would often ask themselves various questions which they themselves cannot answer; questions that signify unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

When you say you’re an attorney, most people will see you as someone intelligent and brave. Indeed, lawyers are, but behind such intelligence and bravery are these drawbacks that they are stuck with for as long as they continue their career. On that note, there’s no question why many law students find themselves shifting to another not-so-stressful course.


Advantages of Cosmetic Surgeries

It has been long years already since the very first cosmetic procedure was performed. Today, such procedures are fastly multiplying with the help of our society’s improving technology. While the aim of these operations and surgeries is to improve your physical appearance, it’s wise to know that not all of these are highly beneficial. In fact, there have been many reports of failed operations, even when it has been performed by a highly reputable surgeon. On that note, patients and aspiring patients should never give themselves high hopes for any cosmetic procedure. If the aftermath looks perfect, it may not look the same 5 or more years after the onset of the operation.

Advantage #1 – confidence

Patients who are sick and tired of dealing with excess fats would probably consider operations like liposuction. Once the excess fats have been removed, an hourglass body may appear. This sometimes requires a number of sessions before the desired outcome will be visible. But, while you invested ample time and money for each session, there’s still a possibility that you might deal with complications in the near future. So where’s the confidence now? When your skin goes very saggy and unwanted marks and perhaps bruises would appear, can you still walk proudly along the streets?

Advantage #2 – social skills and relationship

Say for example you saw a website like this http://www.juvae.com.au/ and decided to acquire dermal fillers to bring back your youthfulness. After the procedure, you can expect an immediate change in your relationship with the society in general. Now that you look younger, you tend to be more confident and more outgoing. You may feel a bit superior from people your age who look older. But have you ever thought of the dilemma that may arise when your procedure didn’t last as long as it should? You might even find difficulties finding a partner once the unwanted effects of such procedure come out.

Advantage #3 – showered with praises

Of course, people will praise you for your bravery and courage on going through any cosmetic procedure. Many ladies may dream and aspire to undergo certain operations to make them look better, but only few have the courage to pull it through. You can expect your friends and even family and relatives to command you for being so brave and all. But once unexpected side-effects start to haunt you during waking hours, once the person you see in front of the mirror is not the one you expected to be, this is when you might realize you should have thought twice before considering such procedure.

Let’s face it guys, we all want to look pretty and sexy and hot during all our living years. Technology has the solution and places like breast lift Orange County clinics have always been visited alongside http://www.newcontours.com/breast-procedures/breast-augmentation/ and other highly claimed websites. However, the battle is never over once you’ve undergone any cosmetic surgery for unwanted effects may become visible any time. There are many well-respected surgeons and perhaps, the only way to be safe with such operations is to spend more than you should just to be handled by an expert.


Business meeting with work on contractIt’s a fact that our government at good is practically doing nothing all day. After all, the people in office are experts at doing nothing. If you recall last year’s government shutdown then you know how good they are. Of course, it’s also a sign that when they want to show you how lazy they are, they use a “go big or go home” mentality in doing so.


So, just how hard is it for Congress to do things like pass laws or to even listen to the demands that we the people have? Well, it’s probably easier for you to install a lift spindle into your truck than it is for them to actually listen to you.


What Do They Do in Particular?


These are two separate entities but you might find that lift spindles on a Dodge Ram often work better than the government. For starters, a lift spindle will lift the suspension on your vehicle, thus making it higher up and easier for you to drive it around. It especially makes it easier for the vehicle to handle off-road conditions. It keeps the car from shaking so much as it is in motion.


What does the government do in particular? Well, that’s a very good question. They help get the country to print money so that’s clearly a plus.


The thing is that it’s a challenge to think about whether or not anything good is going on with the government these days. You’re probably more likely to get a benefit off of those spindles than if you were to try and go up to someone in Congress and ask for something.


Lifting a Vehicle is the Easy Part


First, lift spindles on a Dodge Ram like what you would find at http://maxtracsuspension.com/ are typically installed with a simple process. First, you will have to use a jack to lift up the front wheels. You’d then have to use a tire iron to remove the wheels and then unbolt the brake caliper off of a rotor.


Does that sound confusing? Apparently, asking a page to send messages from voters to Congress is harder to do. You don’t have to use any tools to ask the page for help but it’s still a challenge that makes installing something for your car a lot easier to handle.


What About Removing the Old Spindles?


If there is one thing about Congress that you’ll always notice these days it’s that the old guys are always the ones who seem to be stuck in office because everyone is afraid to change them once in a while. How else do you explain how Strom Thurmond was in Congress for so long?


You’d have an easier time removing old spindles from a vehicle! Then again, you just need a wrench and pliers to loosen up all those cotter pins and nuts. If you’re going to remove old Congress members then you’ll need thousands of people to help you out in doing so. Who has time for that?


One Thing in Common


There is one thing in this unusual comparison that these lift spindles on a Ram and people in Congress have in common. When you acquire new things then it’s easy to get them installed.


If you had a lift spindle then you’d just place them onto lower ball joints in the vehicle and then tighten them with a wrench. You then just have to lower the vehicle back down.


If you had a new Congress member then you’d simply ask that person to take an oath.


Come to think of it, maybe the lift spindle part is easier to manage because there’s no moral obligation in doing so.


So in the end, it’s clear that lift spindles on a Dodge Ram are very easy to install and replace. Too bad our government leaders don’t work that way.



filterWith our major corporations still intent on bypassing environmental laws and contributing to harming the environment, lessons can be learned from around the world of how air filters can actually help create greener buildings.

While many, including myself, have campaigned strenuously for carbon tax and hefty fines for those who continually break environmental laws, there is still much to be do
ne. Last year billions of dollars’ worth of damage was caused to the environment due to the actions of certain corporations and companies that we all know the name of by now.

This includes tearing down green spaces, a complete disregard for carbon emissions by blasting harmful particles and materials into the air and polluting water supplies and the environment as a whole.

It might not seem the most pressing of concerns however creating environmentally friendly air filters and using them to boost the green rating of certain buildings is an important piece in the jigsaw. We can point to one concrete example of how this has benefitted a company, its buildings and the environment.

The Co-operative Group in the UK opened a new head office that specifically made use of green air filters to help catch dust, particles and contribute to cleaner air both inside and outside. As a lessen to companies who think that all of this is a waste of time, The Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) which gives out awards around the world for green buildings gave the offices a rating of 95.16% which is the highest they have ever given out.

I should point out that this was not just down to the air filters – as they also had many of green features such as natural heating and crop generated power – however in their report BREEAM singled out the air filters and praised them for the innovative nature of the system.

While this is obviously related to the UK there is no reason why this kind of action can’t be taken on some of the unsustainable and environmentally damaging buildings here at home. We are going to be holding an event centered on air filter systems and how they can improve the green rating of a building. Mostly it will be focused around raising awareness, both to the individual and big business.  In particular, in relation to green air filter sizes, we’ll have a speacial guest from Air Filter Buy to help speak on the topic.

If we don’t take action towards our planet then Mother Nature will and the end result is not going to be a good one. We are already living an unsustainable life and big business is doing nothing at the minute to help the cause. It is down to us, the ordinary citizens on the street, to get the wheels in motion and collectively work towards making a difference.

Environmentally friendly air filters are just the start and, with everyone’s help and if we all pull in the same direction, we can help make the world a better place.



CandidatesSometimes you come across examples of business practices which at first seem quite cynical but on reflection, perhaps we have are the cynical ones. We can get wrapped up in our single minded hatred of large corporations or political entities, so much so that we even fail to credit them when they do good. It is not a very endearing trait to always see the bad in life, and is something we should actively resist.

When Business Behaves Well

There has been a certain ground shift among some forward thinking businesses and large Corporations. They have finally begun to realize that public opinion does matter. Even if their reasons for this realization are purely selfish – to get want they want ultimately, it can still be to our advantage. More and more businesses are engaging with local communities and increasing their philanthropic works. They understand the great power of PR and more importantly, bad publicity. It is happening across all levels of business from medium sized to the very largest Corporations.

The great Gulf oil spill was a total disaster for BP the huge oil giant behind the drilling operation. Now we all remember the pictures of the polluted coastline and the stories of local communities in ruin, not to mention the effects on the natural environment. The company did not handle the PR side of the disaster at all well, at least in the beginning. The outcry was huge and politicians moved in for their pound of flesh – at least they weren’t to blame for once! Soon BP’s higher-ups realized the scale of the PR disaster they were facing and it could effectively collapse their business if they did not act decisively.

The news headlines soon shifted to very regretful business executives pledging to turn things around and saying how sorry they were. Behind the scenes, huge steps were being made to court the local communities. They needed to win back the local people, at least a little, to take the pressure off them from the politicos. Big schemes were launched pumping money and resources into local community initiatives. The cynic can say it was all about self interest and that might be absolutely true but the significance is that even say ten years ago they would have reacted differently. In the old days they might have just blamed it all on a worker or a manager and then shut up shop – no comment. The point is that now they see the value in doing good things to make up for the bad – surely a positive step.

On a smaller scale, a common change in the realty market has been happening in recent years. Property developers have often been tarnished as evil money grabbers, creating monstrous developments and blighting the landscape. They too have realized that this type of PR helps no one. Now one of the tactics they use is to put an emphasis on regeneration, environmental impact and building communities. All sounds good and I was one of the biggest cynics about this sudden change of direction until I witnessed how it can actually work. I interviewed a man called Kenneth Dart for a magazine piece a few months back. Amongst other things his company Dart Enterprises is a major realty investor in the Cayman Islands. I witnessed firsthand how this developer was actually investing heavily in a new community. In fact they have built a small town on Grand Cayman called Camana Bay.

Their philanthropic works include the building of parks with native species, sponsoring scholarships and investing in a local school. Of course the project has traditional commercial aspects such as housing, business parks and unique Grand Cayman shopping outlets, all based at Camana Bay. They have actually created a whole new community and not just a block of condominiums. I have seen the results and have to admit that this type of development can be a huge step forward when compared to the old practices.

Even the most cynical person has to accept that big business will forge ahead no matter what we say or do. We have to keep up the pressure and make them see that often their practices have wide reaching effects. We also have to give credit where its due. For once, a positive impact from big business and we should embrace it.


Five Reasons Not To Be Rich

richI was recently reading an article about billionaire Ken Dart (Go to Ken Dart for information) and it got me to thinking, are the lives of the extremely rich really that much better than us ordinary folks? In this tongue-in-cheek article I’m going to argue that the answer to that question is no. Furthermore, I’m also going to put it to you that extreme wealth and power actually makes us unhappier in the long-run. Do you think it’s a mere coincidence that the owners of the world’s largest corporations also tend to be those with the shadiest moral profiles? I think not. What I’m going to do is explain why that is.


  1. 1.       There’s No Correlation With Happiness

The sad fact of the matter is that there’s very little solid evidence to support the idea that wealth leads to happiness. In fact, recent scientific research has shown that, over the $40,000 mark, there’s actually no direct relationship between wealth and happiness. So, and really think about this, what is the actual point? The only reason that we want to become wealthy in the first place is because we think it will bring us happiness and freedom. But if the reality is that these two things exist outside of wealth, then it destroys that argument somewhat doesn’t it?

  1. 2.       It’s Difficult

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that because something’s difficult we shouldn’t do it. What I am saying is that there’s much better ways we can spend our time. Why would you want to waste the short time you have on earth by spending it accruing an inordinate amount of wealth that you’re only going to lose when you die anyway? Much better, I think, to actually spend your time doing something positive. If you’ve got the skills to run an organization, set up one that helps developing countries, or provides medical care to people, not one that manufactures cheap rubbish.

  1. 3.       It’s Un-Ethical

There’s no two ways about it: extreme wealth invariably leads to a corrosion of moral values. It’s inevitable. When you’re spending ever day working in the kind of cut-throat environment that is necessary for the accumulation of mass wealth, you will have to learn how to protect yourself through deceit and self-interest. It’s as much true of bankers as it is corporate CEOs and company presidents. To them, the whole thing is a game, and there’s no price not worth paying.

  1. 4.       It Will Turn You Into An Arsehole

Let’s face it, most uber-rich people are arseholes. When you have that amount of power and that many people who you essentially control through wage-labour, it’s only natural that it goes to your head. You’ll also feel different, and you won’t be able to help yourself from acting different. People will pick up on it.

  1. 5.       You Can Just Steal It

Rob a bank. Simple.


Apologies for the negative Ken Dart reference, he’s really not that bad. To learn more about Kenneth Dart click here.



peOver the last decade, the country has seen its K-12 students getting less and less active because most schools have been making physical education less and less of a priority. While schools think that the additional time that is given to academic subjects is actually better for students in terms of education, it surprisingly isn’t. Also, recent research reveals that regularly engaging in physical activity actually helps improve cognitive performance – when one thinks about it, one realizes that physical education has all along helped students become more physically and cognitively fit. Thankfully, liberals have gotten wind of this research and have begun to persuade schools to make physical education more of a priority. They have been asking schools to invest in more trampolines, exercise balls, weights, treadmills, and other gym equipment (for more information on other gym equipment that should be used by schools, as well as the best trampoline, please visit http://www.trampoliners.com). The reason why I am actually writing this post is to talk about this. By talking about this, I hope to give support to what the liberals are doing and convince other people to join the liberals in their push for reform.

A lot of people who have been out of high school for a long time don’t realize this, but the high school students of today virtually get no physical education at all. Among the k-12 students, the ones who still get significant physical education are elementary students. Most schools today think that lessening time spent in PE actually improves performance in academic subjects, but recent research reveals that the academic performance of today’s students is the same as the academic performance of students from previous decades. What’s really bad about the current physical education scenario is that the kids of today are unhealthier than the k-12 students of previous decades.

The liberals are trying to remedy this situation by asking schools to make incremental changes in favor of physical education. Some of these changes include introducing at least 10 mins of physical education in schools every other day. Although it might not seem much, research actually shows that spending even a little bit of time using gym equipment such as bench presses, jump ropes, and even trampolines can significantly improve a person’s health if done on a regular basis (it is also worth mentioning that anyone who looks up trampoline reviews on websites such as Trampoliners will see that even those who only spend a few minutes a day on a trampoline have all along been claiming that their overall health improved because of it – what these people are saying seem to confirm the results of the research).

The liberals are really doing a great job pushing for more focus on physical education in schools. Hopefully, schools all over the country hear them out and do what they are suggesting. By reintroducing physical education in the classroom, schools will be able to benefit their students’ health without any negative effect on their academic performance. People should join the liberals in pushing for such a reform. Anyone can help out in the effort by writing the schools in their area and their local representatives, whether liberal or conservative, about their support for the reintroduction of physical education in the classroom.


The Business Sector in Winnipeg

Winnipeg has a vibrant business sector especially in terms of tourism, finance, food and entertainment industries. According to a 2009 survey of 25 city economies in Canada, Winnipeg was ranked third behind the Ontario cities of Toronto and Kitchener. Local businesses employ close to 400,000 people who all contribute to a thriving market for both goods and services.

Manitoba and Winnipeg in particular has a thriving food industry. The city has over the years developed its own unique cuisine and cooking styles with Winnipeg’s hot-smoked fish and confectionary delights in particular attracting praise all over the world. This state of affairs means anyone looking to dine out has more than adequate choice of fine eateries to pick. Winnipeg also has an unusually wide selection of restaurant delivery services. One does not have to look further than this blog featuring takeout restaurants in winnipeg, to get a feel of how vibrant, dynamic and competitive restaurants in winnipeg are in terms of catering to consumers’ need for takeout options.

Governance and Electoral Politics in Winnipegs

The city of Winnipeg is a single tier municipality under the governorship of 15 elected councilors and a mayor. The mayor and councilors are elected by direct popular vote with all the 15 geographic wards in the city represented. While the mayor is the chief executive of the city, at mayoral meetings, he has a single vote like any other councilor.

Winnipeg has a central place in Canadian politics. In addition too, apart from being the current provincial capital of Manitoba, the city served as the capital of two other erstwhile regions of Canada. From 1870 to 1876, the city served as the capital of the Northwest Territories. From 1876 to 1905, Winnipeg was the official capital of the District of Keewatin.

Winnipeg, in keeping with the trend throughout Manitoba, is dominated by liberal, left-leaning politics with the New Democratic Party dominating both the Winnipeg City Council and the Manitoba Legislative Assembly.

At the provincial assembly, Winnipeg is represented by 31 of the 57 members of the legislative assembly (MLAs). 26 of these MLAs are from the New Democratic Party, four MLAs are from the Progressive Conservative Party while one is a member of the Liberal Party.

At the federal level, Winnipeg is represented by 8 Members of Parliament (MPs). Of these, six are from the Progressive Conservative Party. The Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party each has one MP representing Winnipeg at the Canadian Parliament.

Prominent Politicians in Winnipeg

Here is a brief profile of two of Winnipeg’s most prominent politicians:

1. Sam Katz, Mayor of Winnipeg

Samuel Michael Katz is the 42nd and incumbent Mayor of Winnipeg. He bears the distinction of being the first person of Jewish extraction to ever serve as mayor of Winnipeg. Katz was first elected to office in 2004 and has retained the seat in both the 2006 and 2010 mayoral elections.

2. Bill Blaikie

Born William Alexander Blaikie in 1930, Bill Blaikie is one of the most recognizable names in Canadian politics. He was most recently the Manitoba Minister of Conservation between 2009 and 2011 while he was representing the Elmwood division of Winnipeg as an MLA in the Manitoba state legislature. Prior to that, the New Democratic Party politician represented Elmwood-Transcona in the Canadian House of Commons as MP. During the 39th Canadian Parilament, Bill Blaikie held the record of being the MP with the longest continuous service.


I think we all know that Rupert Murdoch, King of conservative media, has the resources that very few others have to throw behind stories that may or may not be slanted towards the right (and that’s putting things quite mild).

However, what most of us don’t understand – or still refuse to accept – is that we have the power to combat big media with our own voice, our own opinions, and our own groundbreaking news stories if we are willing to take a leadership role.

Sure, you may never get as big as Fox News, but you certainly can become at least as influential as that news network – and possibly even more influential if you go about doing things the right way.

Just look at the Drudge Report. What started off as a ridiculously small blog has turned into maybe of the most influential website in all of news media, read by leadership on the left, right, and center – as well as every other political party out there – each and every single morning.

I’m not saying that you’ll be able to create your own Drudge Report with the help of tools like YouTube and the ability to purchase cheap YouTube views, but I’m saying that you definitely can put your own little dent in the universe if you’re willing to take complete control and ownership over your leadership role.

It’s important that you find your voice

One of the most important things for you to do before setting out on this incredible crusade and adventure is to really try to find your voice.

This is the style that is going to set you head and shoulders apart from everyone else in the new media space, a landscape that is maybe the most competitive in human history. Without your own voice, without your own slant, and without your own personality bubbling up to the surface on a regular basis, you’re never going to be able to connect with people in a way that is influential and impactful.

Now, granted, this isn’t nearly as easy as it seems on the surface.

In fact, it can be downright difficult – and you’re going to want to push through each and every roadblock in barrier to make sure that you build that voice that really resonates with the people that you’re looking to connect with.

Remember, the sponsorship deals, old money, and the good old boys network isn’t going to be throwing its weight behind you. You’re going to have to do this on your own by connecting with individuals and helping to illuminate their world in ways that simply aren’t occurring right now – and your voice is going to be the lighthouse in the darkness.

YouTube offers you the best opportunity to get out there in front of the masses

Though there are many different number of tools and technologies that you might be interested in leveraging when it comes to spreading your message, YouTube is hands down the most effective across the board.

This is true for any different number of reasons, but most importantly because it is so readily accessible, it is already the “Gold Standard” for online news, and it is ridiculously easy to enter for those that are brand-new.

With little more than a Google account, you can get set up with a YouTube channel of your own where you can upload your own videos and interact with each and every one of your YouTube viewers without any extra effort whatsoever. Obviously, you’ll want to at least consider investing in YouTube marketing and/or purchasing YouTube views to boost your profile (at least in the earlier stages), but there are a tremendous amount of people out there that have bootstrapped their own online news network as well.

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Do a search online for “education crisis” on Google, and you’ll get a slew of blog posts, articles and mainstream news items that are all claiming that the American school system is in a state of emergency. Most of these “the sky is falling” type reports, released, not at all surprisingly, by groups that are backed by conservative, anti-public school and anti-union forces, declare that the teachers’ union is the one to blame for the alleged problem. Despite all this, a study released recently, that went unnoticed by most major news outlets, provides further proof that both this crisis and the teachers union’s fault in it are both complete fabrications.

Before looking at that study, consider some of the ways we already know that the dominant storyline about education is, indeed, baseless propaganda.

We already know that public school students in America that come from wealthy districts have some of the highest test scores in the world. This is proof that the problems inherent in America’s education system are not evenly dispersed across the board – it’s clear that the problems are found in the areas of high poverty. It also shows that, contrary to popular belief, the structure of itself of the school system – the traditional K through 12 model – is not inherently flawed. If it was, the higher income areas would not be performing better than low income ones.

On the same token, most of the schools in wealthy areas are unionized. Looking abroad, Finland has one of the best school systems in the entire world. And guess what… 100% unionized. If unions were indeed the cause of the impending downfall of the American public school system, then wealthy areas of this country and the school system in Finland would be in big trouble…but they’re not.

So if it’s not the infrastructure of the public school system and it’s not the unions, then what exactly is causing al the problems? That’s where the aforementioned new study comes in. This study, conducted by the Southern Education Foundation shows that in one-third of the 50 states, the majority of the students in public school there come from low-income homes.

So what’s this got to do with how well these kids do in school or how good their test scores are? Well, according to decades of research, about two-thirds of a student achievement comes from factors that take place outside of the classroom…and the most influential of those is economic status. It makes sense really. If a kid has to focus on simply surviving – if his parents can’t afford food or maybe they’re homeless – then she definitely is not going to be able to focus on school.

“I actually used to see this a lot when I was teaching”, says Victoria Warren, former instructor in the medical billing and coding program at Drexel University and owner of the site http://www.billingandcodingu.com. “The programs I taught were kind of tailored for individuals who came from less fortunate backgrounds and had no hope of attending college. Even after high school, these kids are struggling just to survive, all while trying to enter the workforce and secure gainful employment. It’s really tough.”

To sum it all up, if we really want to get serious about fixing education in this country, we need to stop demonizing the teachers and trying to undermine the traditional public school infrastructure. We should instead be focusing our efforts on waging a war on poverty, which as the evidence shows, is the real enemy of education in America.