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Once or twice a month I visit my mom and step dad. My mom is 72 and my step dad is 84. Every time I visit, my 84 year old step dad, who is the kindest person I know, always has the television turned onto Fox News. I don’t watch Fox News very often. One thing that I find sort of strange is that in the upper right hand corner is a graphic titled: fair and [click to continue…]


The Career Politician.

Being a career politician can have some pretty good benefits. Lets talk about some of those benefits. And some of the controversies surrounding those benefits. Lets also take a look at some of the common misconceptions [click to continue…]


Politics and Religion

I am a democrat. I also attend a wealthy, and very conservative church named Horizon. The church is located in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe, Ca. Which is the wealthiest part of San Diego. I would not call the church a mega church, rather its [click to continue…]


My Obamacare Story

I am a 44 year old man, without health insurance. And this is a my personal experience with Obamacare. [click to continue…]


Money for Nothing

I’ve been looking into politicians and how they spend taxpayers’ money – mainly on themselves, it would seem.  I focused on the UK for this and found that since the new coalition government came into power, some of their members have managed to spend almost £1,000,000 on exotic travel.

Their argument is they are looking into global issues. The only global issues I can see them looking into is how quickly the sun can give them a tan to be proud of!  One of the most expensive trips was for nine English MP’s to visit China and Singapore – it cost £72,000 – to investigate what they said were “global imbalances”.

Energy and Climate Change Junkets

Members of the Energy and Climate Change committee benefited from exotic junkets tremendously – six went to China for £48,000 and four flew off to Washington DC and Dallas for £40,000. And the Culture committee decided to investigate gambling in Australia – in a trip that cost £48,000. I wonder how many bets they got for that…

In today’s world of technology, video conferences should mean that there is absolutely no need for these trips to take place. But then, I guess we have to take into account that politicians probably don’t know how to work a computer, let alone figure out video conferencing.

The Cost of Governments

Each trip is working out to be approximately £8-10,000 per person. When was the last time you went on holiday and spent that much on one person?  If I added up the cost of taking my family on one of these trips, why, I could probably fly us all round the world and still have money left over!

It’s time for governments to be accountable for every penny they spend and justify the cost – before they spend it.  Ask the taxpayer if they think £10,000 for a trip abroad is a reasonable use of their money?

Then answer them when they ask why the roads are in disrepair, why council services are being cut, why wages are being dropped and people are being made redundant.  The list goes on for what isn’t done.

Have you got £10,000 to spend on a holiday? Then I suggest you and your family book a top trip (look at these deals for Fiji holidays) you can go on. Think, all that money you spend on a holiday is less money in their pockets!


Be Brave and Get Funeral Insurance

A lot of people are afraid especially when talking about matters related death. Once this subject is up for discussion, many people tend to shy away. The idea of dying is totally scary and a lot of people wanted to just avoid the discussion altogether. Sadly, this also means people evade the issue of death as well as preparing for death. As a result, when accidental death happens, those who were left behind are burdened, not just emotionally, but financially as well. This is why you have to be open to the idea of getting funeral insurance. This will benefit you and your family. If you are afraid to confront the issue of death, then at least have the courage to get this type of insurance. Here are the benefits of having life insurance:

1. The premiums are usually the same. It does not mean that when you get older or deemed closer to death, you will be charged with higher premiums. However, some companies can be abusive. Thus, you have to be careful with your decision.

2. You can immediately access the benefits should anything wrong happen. Some insurance premiums will not just cover the cost during death, but also when the premium owner encounters accidents as well.

3. For accidental death, there will be fast and easy coverage. This is a time for the family to grieve. Therefore, they must be given the chance to do that. They must not be burdened with all the financial issues anymore.

4. Burial and other costs can be very expensive. This is why they should be divided over a long period of time at affordable rates. This will be easy for you to pay the premiums.

Yes, the idea of death is really scary. However, it is high time for you to man up and get this type of insurance. You will never know when this will happen to you. The least that you can do is to help your family feel at ease and know that everything is taken care of should something wrong happen. For affordable funeral insurance rates, visit here.


The rising cost of communication bills is not just annoying, but it also stops you from talking with people especially when in need. This is even worse for long distance calls. There are instances in which you wanted to give someone a call, but you hesitate doing so because of the fees. The good news is that these telephone companies can no longer abuse you. If you don’t want to pay for higher fees, then you can check out SIP trunking. This has already been a popular alternative especially for bigger companies that pay lots of money for telephone companies.

What is SIP trunking?

SIP means Session Initiation Protocol. It helps set up communications over the internet. This means that the SIP calls will be considered as internet calls. In traditional telephone communications, there will be bundles of wires delivered to your place. These wires will connect you to the people you want to speak with. This is why the call becomes expensive. On the other hand, with SIP trunk, you can now make phone calls using the public internet. As such, the amount that you have to pay drops drastically.

It’s Time to Shift to SIP Trunking

If we continue to let these huge phone companies abuse us, then they will definitely not mind increasing their charges. Thus, we have to go for this alternative since it is a lot cheaper. Besides, it does not affect phone call quality anyway. For companies, SIP trunk helps so that voice and data communications won’t be separated. They are now stored together. This spells lesser expenses. This is true for long distance calls as well. These calls are now converted to local calls. Thus, the charges become lower. In the US, the 800 numbers are costly and are usually inefficient. With SIP trunk, the need for 800 numbers will now be eliminated.

You should support this new technology in order to put an end to expensive telephone bills. At the end of the day, you will benefit a lot from this courageous move. You can find out more about SIP trunking here.


Every person in this world dreams of making his mark in society. A few may not have very noble aspirations but, generally speaking, most people would like to make positive changes not only in themselves but in the communities where they live.

If the politicians’ promises during the campaign period are to be believed, they are supposed to be at the forefront of the movement of making societies better by making government work for the public good. However, majority of the officials fail to deliver on their promises once elected. Failed programs, bad decision-making, mismanaging public finances, infamous blunders and scandals – all these have plagued government offices for years and negatively affected public perception. For this reason, more people these days are beginning to realize that making a positive impact in society is better accomplished by getting involved in volunteer organizations and charities, instead of being active in government.

According to a recent poll conducted by a news organization, young people below the age of thirty are less likely to consider involvement in politics as important in their lives, compared to their parents. The most probable underlying cause of this could be disillusionment with the government.

Although an underperforming government may not be an ideal situation, a public that is less reliant on government does have its benefits. For one, people will learn to rely in themselves and have more motivation in getting involved. An enhanced spirit of volunteerism can foster cooperation among the citizenry. Several have even brought their involvement beyond their country’s borders by joining international organizations like UNICEF and becoming a volunteer abroad. Further, contributing and being part of charitable organizations encourages philanthropy. Secondly, government becomes smaller. This means less spending and a decreased budget deficit. For the public, such circumstances may result in smaller taxes to pay. For countries whose economies are just starting to recover from the most recent recession, public involvement is indeed helpful.

In times such as these when many local governments are in deep debt, certain services that the government provided in the past are not being done today; but many volunteer and charitable organizations have stepped in the gap.

Does government inefficiency give rise to volunteerism? The answer could be yes. However, if it also gives rise to more public awareness and involvement, and a more self-reliant citizenry, then it is not a very bad thing after all.


Some government units just can’t get enough of the fees and taxes they charge on their people. In Western Pennsylvania, the Whitehall local government is contemplating on an ordinance that is bound to require permits for storage containers. These are not storage containers similar the ones presented on this site. No, they are not the commercial or industrial units listed on a site like Slideoo. The ordinance targets the small to mid-sized storage containers used in residential neighborhoods to hold items like trash and movable properties.

The ordinance aims to impose restrictions on the use of bulk containers in residential properties. These bulk containers include dumpsters, portable storage containers, and lawn refuse. An interview by Stephanie Hacke of TribLIVE with Whitehall Borough Manager James Leventry revealed that the ordinance could get approved by the borough council in as early as the first week of July. Laventry is quoted to have said that they are “trying to keep these things (the storage containers) from springing up all over the borough and becoming a nuisance.”

The idea behind this ordinance stems from the complaint of one Whitehall resident who felt irritated by the presence of a storage container in his property. The storage container is being viewed as an eyesore, not necessarily an obstruction to pathways. Whitehall Borough leaders appeared to be sympathetic with the complainant and have been looking for a solution to the storage container dilemma.

If approved, the ordinance will compel residents to register and obtain a permit with the borough if they are planning to put a storage container on their property. To emphasize, the ordinance will require residents to get a permit for putting something on their own property. But that’s not all. The registration and the obtainment of a permit will cost an amount. In a June 18 Meeting, Whitehall Borough council members agreed that the fee for the permit will be a minimum of $5. It can be higher depending on the size of the storage container. There are no implementing rules published yet so the details on the fees are still unclear.

The permit that will be granted by the borough, on the other hand, will only be valid for 60 days. After the 60-day period lapses, the resident will have to obtain a permit again, for the same storage container. There are no details yet as to how many times residents can renew a permit or how long will residents be allowed to keep a storage container within their property. Also, there are no details on how big should the allowable storage container be. Some will likely raise an eyebrow over the ordinance although many residents will likely just ignore it as one of those odd ordinances they will have to deal with in their borough.

For many, storage containers, especially the larger ones, are quite an eyesore. They look very imposing an a residential community. However, if positioned properly, they should not be able to inconvenience other residents. What’s somewhat suspect about the introduction of an ordinance like this is the fee. Considering the details about the ordinance, it appears the borough council simply wants to make money out of something that does not really cause any major problem in a community. If they are really bent on getting rid of storage containers, it would be better to impose restrictions on length of time a storage container is allowed in an area and demand penalties for the failure to remove the container.


I know this opinion piece is going to ruffle some feathers, and I might receive a few not-so-kind comments after this is printed, but it’s just a topic that I’ve been wanting to discuss for so long. It’s not political and neither is the idea radical. It’s about self worth.

I’ve asked friends and colleagues if they like what they see in front of the mirror each morning. I ask them if they are truly happy with themselves and what they have become. Most tell me, no, and I am surprised at this answer. You’ll see them as big and powerful people running their own companies or successful businesses but they fight bigger demons at the end of the day. I know of politicians who need security blankets in the form of designer clothes, shoes, and expensive Scotch. Some of them need a harem of women to feel good about themselves; it makes them feel powerful, important and most of all it makes them feel alive.

Beauty Matters

Politicians are like everyone else, they also need affirmation in much the same way that celebrities crave attention from fans. They seek awards and recognition in order to feel that they are good at what they do. They also take pride in being beautiful and the envy of others all the time. The hair must be perfect at all times. It must be neat and healthy-looking and without one out of place. In the case of older women, the grey hairs are touched up in order to give the appearance that the person is much younger than her real age. In men, thinning hair or receding hairlines are fixed by implants and tonics which encourage the growth of new hair. Grays are also colored, but the salt and pepper look is appealing in men.
In the case of both men and women, bulging tummies are a no-no. You won’t see politicians and celebrities with less than perfect figures.

Crooked noses and ugly teeth are also remedied. Cosmetic surgery has become so commonplace it’s now being done on an outpatient basis. This means that patients can walk in for their appointment and walk out later after the procedure is finished. I’ve seen 18-year-olds request a surgeon to fix her nose because she didn’t like the way her nose looked. Decades ago only celebrities and people in power got nose lifts because it was too expensive to carry out.

Live and Let Live

I’ve asked a cosmetic surgeon in San Diego for an assessment and I’ve been given at least a half dozen recommendations. I also called up a Cosmetic surgeon in Seattle and was given more or less the same advice. Nip and tucks here and there, hair implants, botox on my forehead and a hots of others. I asked them if people really go through all of these to look great and feel good about themselves? They said yes. According to them people are happy to spend good money in turning back the hands of time and modifying the features that they are unhappy about.
I won’t be one to cast the first stone. If a flat tummy, bigger breasts and a head full of hair make you feel confident and better about yourself, then by all means, go!


The United States economy suffered an appalling 2.9% contraction in the first quarter of the year. It’s worse than what was estimated. This contraction is, based on the numbers alone, the worst performance of the United States economy since the last time the country came out of recession some five years ago.

What went wrong? What should be done this time? Certainly, the Obama administration along with the current economic team responsible for driving the world’s largest economy (at least on paper) need to do drastic measures to take the American economy back on track. China is slowly catching up. It won’t be too long before the United States of America gets dethroned as the world’s top economy. Sure, we are not trying to wage any contest on which country has the biggest economy in the world. However, it’s important to realize what the consequences of being dethroned as the world’s top economy means. It’s not just for the fame and glory. Losing the top spot has significant effects on the American political and economic clout.

Something needs to be done to the American economy as soon as possible. Americans have remained faithful to the capitalist ideals for so long and this has done nothing significant to lift the economy away from the possibility of dipping into a downturn once again.

The current economic situation can be likened to industrial scrubbers you can find on this site. For now, the Obama administration is handling the economy like it’s using a walk-behind scrubber. The government wants to push it but it does not have enough of the weight and dexterity to do a proper maneuver. The overwhelmingly capitalistic nature of the gigantic US economy takes the lead with the relatively puny government behind it trying to exert control but appears incapable of doing so. The economy seems too big for someone small to handle.

Maybe what we need is a setup similar to what we can observe with ride-on scrubbers. It’s like how China does it. The government takes control by being on top of the economy, riding it and controlling it with a steering wheel designed to make sure that the massive industrial scrubber is supposed to go where it should go according to how it is steered. Well, China is not really a perfect model for what a good economy is but at least you can see government control doing its wonders. Maybe it’s about time for the government to reign over American capitalists who keep sending jobs away because of the cheap labor abroad. Maybe it’s high time for more drastic measures that will create more palpable good results for the American economy. Overly free capitalism has done enough damage so maybe some left-leaning views are worth trying this time around.


Liberal is NOT Left, Says Leftist Feminist

While interchanging terminologies over the past decades and centuries has been the habit of less-than-enlightened humans, it will not work well with feminism. Feminists are not to be messed with. If they say they’re liberal, then they are one of those that support modernism and freedom of women to do whatever the hell they want, including prostituting themselves. And if they say they’re leftist, they want no business whatsoever with the liberals. If you violate this, they will punch you in the face with their left hand (pun intended).

To clarify things up once and for all, liberals are not leftists, and vice versa. In no part of the earth can we equate liberalism to leftism because they uphold largely different beliefs. Liberals are in favor of capitalism and democracy as long as it satisfies the need of the marginalized sectors, while leftists want a socialist government to ensure equality.

 In other words, leftists hate political hierarchy that seem to define who has and who has not. They also do not like globalization that much and even launched an anti-globalization campaign.

Take it from the feminists. Liberals uphold the freedom of women to engage in sex with anybody they want because it’s a sign of empowerment. For them wearing next to nothing is kind of liberating. For them breast implants are one of the ways women can fight for what they really want (completely evading the fact that oftentimes women want boobs to please their man).

The Third Wave of feminism has dramatically changed the political, social, cultural, and economic worlds of women. Nowhere else in history had the rate of cosmetic procedures like breast augmentation in Northern VA and breast augmentation in New York (more info here) spiked up as high as this period. Feminists of the 70’s or 80’s will rise up from the dead if they hear of the liberals’ campaign for the “freedom of sex workers”. And the conservatives of the old times will be revolted to hear arguments in line with “abortion should be a free choice”.

Leftists, on the other hand, maintain their stand against all manifestations and forms of patriarchy and capitalism. Women who undergo cosmetic surgeries are willingly subjecting themselves to commoditization and sexual objectification. Prostitutes are victims of a socially unjust society that entertains the greedy sexual pleasures of men.

You will notice that these beliefs are in harmony with those of radical feminists. Radicals have the same views with leftists when it comes to women. Radical feminism is a lot like leftist feminism, but without the obsessed concern about the government and economic injustice.

Leftist feminists do not wish to associate themselves with male-dominated leftists out there, and they do not like liberal feminisms that much, too. As leftist feminists move farther to the left side of the equation, we are left to wonder whether they will meet enough friends to help them out with their cause. Can too much going against the grain harm or benefit them? This is yet to be seen. 


The Social Security Administration’s Disability Program aims to provide financial support to disabled individuals that meet the requirements. In order to qualify for the disability benefits, your disability should prevent you from doing your previous work, make it impossible for you to work on a new job and the condition is expected to last for at least 1 year. You must also have contributed on your social security for a specific period in order to be considered. Various documents must be submitted, including a report from doctors supporting this claim.

Fraud in Disability Program

Last year, the news broke about the widespread fraud that was happening with regards to the benefit claims for Social Security Disability. The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations lead by Sen. Tom Coburn conducted a two year investigation on this matter and found out about the rampant fraud.

Attorney Eric C. Conn from Stanville, Kentucky was one of the top lawyers who had a huge number of approved disability claims that were proven shady. According to the report, the lawyer worked with doctors and Judge David Daugherty to have their claims approved, even when their clients don’t meet the requirements for the disability program. The Justice Department is now in charge of this case.

The Office of the Inspector General for Social Security has tightened its process when it comes to the claims and it has been doing some undercover works to stop fraud. Recently, coffee shop owners Cory Eglash and Ramona Hayes were also caught for disability fraud. Hayes is now serving 12 months in prison, while Eglash’s case is ongoing.

Filing for Disability Benefits

If you meet the requirements for the Disability Program of Social Security, it’s important to follow the right procedure to prevent problems with the law. It could be difficult, inconvenient and time consuming if you do this on your own, especially if you have problems with mobility. You may want to consider getting the assistance of a disability lawyer. If you live in the Auburn area, you’ll find some experienced attorneys providing their expert service. Choose a reputable disability lawyer to help you have your claims approved following the right procedures.

Don’t be tempted to get help from shady lawyers. Deal only with trustworthy professionals to help you with your claims.


Back then, the idea of cosmetic surgery is a taboo. People who have had something in their body done wanted to as much as possible keep everything a secret. These days, not only is cosmetic surgery popular, many people no longer find it as a luxury, but also a necessity. There are even those who would argue that cosmetic surgeries such as breast augmentation and rhinoplasty should be state funded. Should the state really provide assistance to people who wish to get these procedures, but can’t afford doing so?

The Responsibility of the State

Those who are in favor that the state should provide assistance to individuals would argue that the state has the responsibility to provide its citizens with means for self- actualization and ultimate happiness. If people are hindered by their flaws, then they don’t end up being happy. Their growth and productivity is a member of the society is impeded. This is why the government must ensure that they are given the facilities they need to survive and be more useful to the society. After all, they can give back more to the society should they attain self-actualization.

The stigma that comes with cosmetic surgery will also be eliminated should the state provide assistance to individuals who wish to go through certain procedures. They will no longer be ashamed of changing a part of themselves just because of the fear of rejection from the society. They will now be more confident o changing what needs to be changed if it means they will become better people.

Why the Government Should Not Provide Assistance

On the other hand, many people see cosmetic surgery as unnecessary for self-actualization. People may still achieve their highest potentials with just the way they are. Besides, even if all principles related to self-actualization are correct, in reality, this policy will still be impracticable. The government won’t be able to provide for all people who wish to get the procedure especially if it will be opened to all members of the society. Besides, if those who really wish to get the procedure deem the whole process as an integral part of their life and in achieving certain goals, then they will do everything to get what they want. They need no help from the government anymore.

The whole idea could also be a slippery slope. Someday, more people will demand for financial assistance for anything that they deem is necessary to achieve self-actualization. By then, these irrelevant ideas will be equated with education, health and other basic necessities when in fact they should not be.

Fighting for this idea might really be difficult especially for countries that have a lot of other problems to take care first. However, for developed country where the government has enough resources, this could actually make sense.

Either way, if you are interested to get certain procedures done, then you can pay for it by yourself. Should you wish to get abdominoplasty in Scottsdale, you can check this out. On the other hand, if you wish to go for nose job in the south, in Atlanta, visit http://www.robinsonfps.com/pages/rhinoplasty .


Hillary Clinton is perhaps the most prominent woman politician of the United States at present or even over the last few decades. She has been depicted as a strong American woman who has the competence to be in the political arena. However, even this powerful 64-year old political figure is not safe from the demeaning gazes of those who nitpick on her changing looks.

Over a year ago, Daily Mail Online posted photos of Hillary Clinton looking glamorous, along with the subtle insinuation that she may have had plastic surgery that she looked younger and fresher on her then revamped website http://www.hillaryclintonoffice.com/. The photos indeed made the former Secretary of State look younger with her tighter face but aides tried to allay suggestions that Clinton had a facelift. They said that it was her website that had a facelift of sorts and not her visage.

So why pay so attention to the possible facelift? Will doing so improve the American economy? If there is anything worth noticing, it’s the performance of the current administration. The aesthetics of the face of a would-be presidentiable is a very insignificant concern anyone should be wasting time on. Perhaps such an issue would only begin to matter if Clinton—all of a sudden—decides to have boob enlargement or breast augmentation in Beverly Hills. Or maybe, in a ridiculous attempt to curb Senator Rand Paul’s popularity in Colorado, she will have her breast augmentation in Denver or some other plastic surgery procedure just to provide fodder for the critics.

Whoever is behind these attempts to attack Clinton’s possible cosmetic surgeries is being laughably trivial and obtuse. We’re not saying this to be apologists. While it is true that the left wing has somewhat warmed up to Clinton, one does not have to be an ally to point out that it is stupid to hurl out senseless issues such as plastic surgery.

Is Clinton’s facelift more important than the still modest scope of healthcare or the continued presence of figures associated with Wall Street at important federal government posts? Yes, a good number of politicians need facelift or even a total facial reconstruction to at least conceal their hideous personalities but what is more important these days is an overhaul of the government to address more pressing concerns.

In the eyes of those who have been disappointed, Hillary Clinton has already done enough to make her image appealing to liberal primary voters and interest groups. She made her point. After the messy events of 2008, she has risen to become a more attractive option—with or without plastic surgery—for the American people.

Whatever HIllary Clinton did or did not do, she has successfully smoothened the wrinkles of her struggles with the left in the past to become the stronger contender for 2016. In a Washington Post-ABC News survey, Clinton appears to be overwhelmingly ahead of Republican strategist Karl Rove.

A suggestion for the critics: it would be more viable to cite Clinton’s health and age as possible drawbacks in making her the next US president. Facelift issues need to be nipped and tucked away.


The liberals are really doing a great job at improving the employment rates of the country. Although their policies that work to such an end may seem “indirect,” they are actually very effective. For one, a policy of theirs aimed at improving the employment rate of the country happens to be a policy that supports online trading. Now, you might be thinking, what does online trading have to do with the country’s employment rate? The reason why I’m actually writing this post is to answer this question. Hopefully, by the end of this post, you will understand how such a policy helps in improving the employment rate. Also, this post of mine should also hopefully convince you to vote liberal in the next election.

You may not realize it, but a large portion of the country’s population actually relies on online trading as their primary source of income. Before online trading became widely accessible, many of the online traders today didn’t have rewarding careers. Thankfully, though, through advances in web and computer technologies, as well as the entrepreneurship of certain individuals, online trading came into being.

Unfortunately, though, many people sought to abuse the open nature of online trading. These people ended up scamming so many people and stole much of their hard-earned money. Such situations inspired the conservatives to clamp down on online trading. This resulted in policies that lead to so many people quitting their jobs as online traders.

Thankfully, though, the liberals ended up enacting policies that regulated online trading. Such regulations ended up placing protections on both traders and brokerages. This way, both couldn’t abuse the online trading system and are able to make the most of it. The policies have resulted in a boom in the online trading sector.

Anna Karina-Smith is a binary options trader. Here’s what she told us when we asked her about how the liberals affected her work as an online trader:

“I’m really grateful to the liberals. If it weren’t for them, I probably wouldn’t have ended up working with Banc de Binary. People who invest at Banc de Binary are able to earn so much profit, and this is because the brokerage is legitimate and actually offers amazing services to its clients. If it weren’t for the policies enacted by the liberals, I definitely wouldn’t be making a profit off Banc de Binary trades. For this reason alone, I am going to vote for them in the next election. Hopefully, you will too.”

Through the work of the liberals, thousands of people from all over the country now have very rewarding careers, thus increasing the country’s employment rate very significantly.

Tomorrow, I’m going to talk about the ideology of liberals. You may not realize it, but a party’s ideology will shape the policies they will enact and their attitudes towards the people. By understanding the liberal party’s ideology, you will know whether you should vote for them in the next election or not. Hopefully, you will find the party’s ideology sound. Of course, if you want further proof of it, you can just look up the policies enacted by the party after you read my piece. Visit our website tomorrow to know more about all these things.


The problems we face related to garbage disposal are indeed serious. With the growing population around the world, pollution issues are totally overwhelming. This is why a lot of governments make sure that their people follow certain laws concerning waste disposal. In some countries, the policies are more lenient as the government trusts the people to do their share. However, in many other countries, there are high fines and even jail time for violators of the law.

These preventive measures coming from the government are totally admirable. There is indeed a need to maintain cleanliness not just for the people of today, but also of the future. Though the government sounds serious in their plans related to garbage disposal, the sad truth is that most governments are just putting on a mask. They seem to show their concern for the environment with the laws that people must follow. However, the truth is that they don’t really care about the waste produced especially coming from huge manufacturing companies.

The waste materials contributed by large companies producing electronic products, goods and equipment are far worse. However, since they pour in loads of money to the economy, the government is very forgiving. Even if these companies have already damaged the environment beyond repair, the government is turning a blind eye on them.

This is highly evident in countries like China. Due to the extreme desire of the country to be on top when it comes to economic progress, their environmental efforts have been sacrificed. This is why the pollution levels in Beijing and Shanghai are now beyond what humans can tolerate. Even in the US, several states allow certain companies to damage the environment and make them appear as if everything is just fine.

Putting on a Friendly Face

In order to appease the people, what the governments usually do is to compensate it with other environmental efforts. They launch programs that are deemed as environment-friendly. They also make sure that more ordinary people who violate garbage disposal laws are put to trial. By then, they will be seen as serious in their efforts to make the world a better place to live in. This is true especially when the elections are fast approaching. They wanted to join non-government organizations in their environmental campaigns. They also strengthen their agencies concerned with environmental efforts.

Though this seems really sad, but this is the reality. No matter how hard we try to do our share in protecting the environment if the government fails to do their share, then nothing will happen. Yes, it is important to still contribute to environmental protection. However, it is even better if we continue knocking on the doors of the government for total and honest reforms. They must not allow big companies to abuse the environment for monetary gains. Yes, we need them to ensure that the economy is stable but it must not be at the expense of Mother Nature.

If you wish to be a better member of the society, then you can just opt for dumpster rentals here. By then, you are assured that your waste materials are properly disposed. You can visit Pro Dumpster Rental on their website, http://www.produmpsterrental.com/dumpster-sizes.php . given their experiences in this field, you are assured of positive results.


Different Areas of “Law”

When we are kids we all dream about being certain things when we get older. It is not uncommon for little boys to say they are going to be firemen, police officers, or truck drivers when they get “big.” Little girls dream of being teachers, nurses and dancers. As we get older we start to become more realistic about what we are good at and what best suits our lives. The idea of being something is sometimes more appealing than actually doing what is necessary to become that “something.” Careers that carry high levels of prestige are often very difficult, require a lot of time and bring with them high levels of stress. Being a lawyer is arguably one of these careers… in some cases. There are many areas of “law” that one can practice once they make the decision to go to law school after college. It is another four years of school after college and brings with it a heavy study-load. It is no walk in the park. Neither is actually being a lawyer. So, it is important that after one puts the time in to become a lawyer and gain all of the respect and prestige that goes along with, that one understands what they want to truly get out of the profession.

Different Areas of Law 
There are many different areas of law. The most “visible” lawyers are probably those who practice in the area of Personal Injury. Those are the guys you see on the side of buses and on billboards telling you to call them and see if you are entitled to money based on some accident or injury you may have recently experienced. There are also Criminal Defense Attorneys. If you are familiar with popular shows like Law & Order, you have seen these guys defending their clients and fighting for their rights on the other side of the prosecution. There are Entertainment Attorneys who handle big name celebrities and professional athletes. They deal with contracts and other negotiations to make sure certain agreements are legally written out in the best interest of their clients. There are divorce attorneys who deal with marriage separations and custody battles in family court. There are Environmental Lawyers, Corporate Litigators, and the list goes on and on. Becoming a lawyer is only the first step to “practicing law.” One must choose the “law lifestlye” that best suits their personality. For instance, a Criminal Defense Attorney must be ready to deal with actual criminals. They must understand the politics of the criminal justice system and accept that their opinion is sometimes irrelevant to a case. On the other hand, corporate litigators must be prepared to do long hours of tedious contract work for months at a time between companies.

Lawyers, Lawyers Everywhere
No matter where you go there will be lawyers so becoming a lawyer could never be considered a bad idea. Lawyers make the world a more functional and fair place. From New York City, to Oklahoma City, lawyers are fighting the good fight waiting until you need them most! If you need a lawyer or want more information about lawyers in Oklahoma City, click here!